Conical 54mm 101A Flat Spot Resistant Skateboard Wheels (4 Wheels)

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These wheels maintain speed due to the size to keep you rolling through transition without much effort. Conical shape helps you lock in on halfpipe coping better than standard shape skateboard wheels. They are also wider than standard shape skateboard wheels which gives you a wider wheel surface area, and more control at higher speeds. These wheels are prone to lasting longer and are resistant to flat-spotting due to the urethane compound used. The Beagle 54mm 101a Conicals are great for slides on the street as well. 


Bearing hub: Centerset

Shape: Conical (Protects axle nut from being destroyed)

Rebound: 80%

54mm in height

Flatspot resistant

101a duro, perfect for reverts and slides 

Material: (PU) Polyurethane