Beagle Bearings 7mm Vintage Roller-Skate Bearings Red

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Get ready to roll with confidence and style using our exclusive 7mm roller skate bearings. Please take a moment to measure your bearings, as these are specifically designed and may not fit most axles. To check if you need a 7mm bearing, try inserting a #2 pencil through your old set; if it goes through, you're in the right place.

These 7mm roller skate bearings are a rare gem, offering a blend of uniqueness and dependability for your skateboard setup. We go the extra mile to ensure your ride is extraordinary.

Each bearing undergoes meticulous polishing and lubrication, guaranteeing exceptional speed and peak performance. We don't just focus on the exterior; the inner rings are also polished to maintain consistent speed, whether you're shredding at the skatepark or cruising the streets.

Here's a glimpse of what our stainless steel performance bearings bring to the table:

- Size: 7*22*7mm

- Dual shields for maximum durability

- Low noise bearings for a whisper-quiet ride

- 627RS bearings, built to withstand high temperatures, perfect for high-speed adventures

-Additional shields 

But there's more to these bearings than meets the eye. With every purchase, we give back to the community by donating $4 to animal shelters, making your skating experience not only thrilling but also compassionate.

Maintenance is a breeze with removable rubber shields, ensuring your bearings stay in prime condition. Whether you favor Roll lines, STD’s, Synders, or other compatible setups, our 7mm roller skate bearings deliver style, reliability, and purpose.

Elevate your skating journey with bearings that redefine performance and make a positive impact. Choose Beagle Bearings and roll on with a purpose.