95a Full 🌑Moon Glow In The Dark Skateboard Wheels Conical

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Ready for your next skate adventure? Don't forget the most crucial element – your wheels! Introducing the 'Vacationer' wheels from The Full🌑Moon Skateboard Wheel Company. They're your ticket to a smoother ride and a more enjoyable skating experience.

Designed with the comfort of your knees in mind, these soft wheels are a must-have. Ideal for slappy tricks but truly excelling in wallrides, they offer a versatile solution for various skateboarding styles. We all know how rough asphalt can slow us down, especially with harder wheels, but not anymore. With a 95a duro, these wheels strike the perfect balance, allowing you to skate on rough surfaces with ease, whether you're commuting to work or hitting the skatepark.

While they're fantastic for most skating, we wouldn't recommend power slides or reverts unless you're feeling adventurous. These wheels are suitable for a range of skaters, including those returning from a hiatus who need a gentler ride, transition skaters seeking added comfort, or anyone exploring new spots in town.

Choose from a range of sizes: 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 59mm, and 60mm, each with detailed specs in the photos and description below.

Vacationer Wheel Specifications:

  • Glow color: Turquoise
  • Glow time: 8-12 hours on a single charge of light
  • Duro: 95a, the perfect all-rounder for a smooth ride
  • Rebound: 70%
  • PRO-FREE: We rely on quality, not pros, to promote our products
  • A skateboarder-owned brand
  • Compatible with roller skates 🛼🛼
  • Makes an excellent holiday or birthday gift for fellow skateboarders or roller-skaters 🕎🎄🎁🛼🛹

At The Full🌑Moon Skateboard Wheel Company, we're committed to offering superior skateboard wheels without breaking the bank. Founded by a skateboarder who understood the need for durable, affordable wheels, we're here to make your skating experience better.

In an industry sometimes overshadowed by hype, we've taken a different path right here in New Jersey. We're all about supporting small skateboard businesses and like-minded skateboarders. Join us on this journey and roll with quality and affordability.


***Hand poured in my mom's basement🧙***