54mm 87a Soft Skateboard Wheels

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These wheels are great for beginners or filmers who need some wheels that will help them get over cracks,  some rocks on the road and prefer a smoother ride. Or use these to get to the skatepark without stressing out your feet with your hard park wheels. These wheels are wider than a standard skateboard wheel which will aid in more control at higher speeds. Don’t feel like spending $30+ on name brand wheels, but don't want to sacrifice on quality? Buy these and spend the leftover money on some bearings. Ships quickly as well. Wheel Specs: Plastic core helps aid in maintaining speed while cruising.

Wheel Specs:

  • size : 54mm (common skateboard wheel size)
  • Ride surface 21mm
  • Flat spot resistant formula, tested to last.
  • Overall width: 35mm
  • Riding type: Cruising
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Made with durability in Arizona, USA🌵🏜
  • *Wheels suitable for 8mm bearings only* *4 wheels included*