52mm 92a Skateboard Wheels White

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 The hardness on these wheels are 92A which are on the slightly softer side, but this helps you get over some cracks and bumps while skating in the street, and they are hard enough to be used in the skatepark making these wheels very versatile. Don’t have the extra cash for name brand wheels? Pick these up and save some of that green. The wheels have a standard skateboard wheel shape which is great for locking into grinds on rails, curbs, and flip tricks. These wheels are prone to lasting longer and are resistant to flat spotting due to the urethane compound used. 92A is soft but hard enough to prevent slipping out on Masonite ramps, bowls, etc! Perfect for roller-skates as well🛼.

Wheel Specs:

  • 30 mm in width (contact patch)
  • 52mm
  • Duro 92A
  • Rebound 70%
  • Centerset
  • Wheel Material: PU (Polyurethane)
  • Flatspot resistant urethane
  • Slim standard wheel cut
  • Made in AZ,USA