Beagle Bearings Review

The Importance of High Quality Skateboard Bearings:

You know the saying, “You get what you pay for.” At Beagle Bearings we will show you why paying a little more for your bearings goes a long way in keeping you safe and spending less money on replacing bearings more frequently in the long run. The wheels in the photo are Full Moon, and is part of Beagle Bearings, they can be purchased under the wheels section of our website. They glow in the dark two colors green & blue! 

Top-rated skate bearings from Beagle Bearings for exceptional performance

Understanding Skateboard Bearings:

If you have no idea, why bearings are probably the most important skate component to your skateboard and roller-skates. When it comes to skateboarding, bearings are the unsung heroes of your setup. They're the key to a smooth, fast ride, making them the most important part of your skateboard. Even if you have the best wheels and trucks, without quality bearings, your performance will suffer. That's where Beagle Bearings come in. Known for their precision and durability, Beagle Bearings deliver a smooth, frictionless ride every time. Crafted from top-notch materials and tested for impact, these bearings can handle the hardest rides and longest sessions. Choosing Beagle Bearings means choosing reliability and top performance, so you can enjoy every push and turn on your skateboard to the fullest. Beagle Bearings uses heat-treated stainless steel, which reduces wear and improves longevity. Our customers have even reported that our bearings are very fast after the initial break-in period which is about a week. I would agree since I use them on my skateboard set-up as well. Here is a spin test video.


Why should I buy Beagle Bearings?

Now, that is a good question. Chances are you have never seen our bearings at your local skate shop. We are a small local New Jersey company that started in late 2020, that solely relies on providing exceptional bearings and customer service that are thoroughly tested and measured before we send them out. All of our bearings are manufactured and engineered to the highest standard.  

Precision-engineered Beagle Bearings for superior skating performance

Each Beagle Bearing is crafted with cutting-edge technology and precision, ensuring they surpass industry norms for durability and speed. Our rigorous quality control guarantees that every bearing delivers consistent, reliable performance on every ride. We handpick top-quality materials that withstand tough skating conditions, maintaining peak performance over time. From design to production, our dedication to innovation and excellence shines through, making Beagle Bearings the ultimate choice for skaters who demand the best.

Most skate bearing companies rely on hiring pro skaters and paying skates shops to carry their product! (Yes this is a very real thing!) However you do not have to worry about that with Beagle Bearings. All the skate shops and roller rinks that carry our bearings have first hand experience and actually tested our bearings themselves to see if they actually held up to a great standard. With no complaints we constantly do business with all of them. 

Also, why settle for average when you can upgrade to the best? Beagle Bearings are designed to transform your skating experience. Whether you're hitting the skate park or cruising the streets on roller skates, these bearings offer unbeatable speed and control. With their top-notch design and quality materials, Beagle Bearings reduce friction and boost your speed, giving you that competitive edge. They're also easy to maintain and built to last, so you can spend more time enjoying your rides and less time worrying about bearing issues. Don’t let mediocre bearings hold you back. Switch to Beagle Bearings and feel the difference in every ride! We also have an improved reliable frictionless cage design in the bearings to prevent them from breaking and keep the bearings from blowing out on high impacts. Most bearing manufacturers do not properly measure the cage which holds the balls in place, and at best they are too large making them feel very slow and sluggish. However, this is not an issue with Beagle Bearings!

What is the Best Type Of Bearings I Should Buy?

When it comes to choosing bearings, stainless steel bearings are a smart choice for many reasons. They’re incredibly durable, handling impact and rough conditions better than ceramic bearings, which is perfect whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Plus, stainless steel bearings are more affordable, giving you top performance without a hefty price tag. They resist rust and corrosion, so they last longer even in wet or humid environments. And the best part? They’re easy to clean and maintain, so you spend less time on upkeep and more time skating. For reliability, affordability, and long-lasting performance, stainless steel bearings are the way to go! 

Opting for 7 ball bearings over 6 can significantly enhance your skating experience. The extra ball in 7 ball bearings ensures a smoother and more stable ride by evenly distributing weight and reducing friction. This means you can achieve higher speeds with less effort, making your rides faster and more efficient. Additionally, the improved load distribution helps each ball last longer, boosting the overall durability of your bearings. If you're looking for a perfect balance of speed, stability, and longevity, 7 ball bearings are the way to go. They provide a superior performance that makes every skate session more enjoyable. All Bearings currently made by Beagle Bearings are stainless-steel and 7 ball bearings! A quick run down on both below:

Skateboarding essentials: Beagle Bearings for a smoother ride

What Makes Beagle Bearings Better than other skateboard bearings?

To start off, I would like to mention that all of our bearings are polished on the inside of the bearing to remove all the burs from our factory to ensure that all bearings run very smooth. Then, we put each bearing on a skate truck to make sure each bearing rolls and fits on the axle so the customer does not have this issue when they go to use them. We also have a factory that specializes in making skate bearings which is what exactly our competitors do not do. As for now our bearings are not made in the United States, however; when our brand gets recognition we will start manufacturing our skate bearings in the USA. Making Beagle Bearings the only skate bearing manufacturer made in the USA. We will make it happen.

The skateboard industry is around one billion dollars per year. Now you are probably wondering if all of this money is being spent per year why are all of these skate companies manufacturing their skate parts overseas? Because they need to pay their pros a lot of money, which could go to manufacturing skate products in the USA. In the future we want to change the mindset of the skateboarder to invest in higher quality and safer products which last longer and that means you are spending less money on new bearings every couple months or years. This does mean that Beagle Bearings will get more expensive however, I will keep the cost down as much as possible to make it affordable. Also we will hire roller-skaters and skateboarders as part of our plan to manufacture our bearings in the USA.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability of Beagle Bearings:

We use cardboard boxes for our 8mm bearings which is perfect for the environment. Originally we had plastic containers but we are proud to say we got rid of them! As for our 7mm bearings we offer them in round metal containers which you can reuse for your old bearings. Our 7mm metal round containers can also be used for showcase purposes which alot of skate shops and roller rinks like. We also have them available for the 8mm bearings as well if you wanted to purchase them instead of the blue cardboard boxes. Here is a picture of them together: 

Beagle Bearings: High-quality skate bearings for smooth rides

What are the Best Skateboard Bearings?

Now, you are probably thinking of the top two three bearing brands everyone is used to seeing. However, most of our roller-skaters and skateboarders who take a chance on Beagle Bearings never go back to the original bearings they usually buy or start with. This is a great sign for us as our quality is impeccable. You can also look at our products and read all the reviews from verified buyers. We do not pay people to review our bearings as well as other companies… As of right now we only offer bearings in sets of 16, since most of our customers are roller-skaters. Most skateboard bearings are black and or silver making them very unappealing to anyone. That is why we use a titanium coating on our bearings to improve the life of the bearings and to give it a rainbow shine! Here is what our customers have to say about Beagle Bearings!:

What Makes Beagle Bearings So Special?

As an animal lover; and an owner to a Beagle Named Tiko I donate ten percent of sales to local animal shelters big and small. Some of the animal rescue groups we donated to are the Beagle Freedom Project, which aims to save Beagles from lab testing. So with being said, you know that once you make a purchase from Beagle Bearings, you know that it supports a great cause and at the same time you get amazing skate bearings! My name is Josh and I have been skateboarding since I was six years old! Yep! The photo below is me with my dog Tiko! Click here to buy a set!

Owner of Beagle Bearings