Limited Edition Glow in Dark Skateboard Bearings 8 Stainless Steel🌟

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Experience an electrifying skating adventure at the rink with our innovative glow-in-the-dark bearings! These remarkable shields are not only eye-catching but also rechargeable, ensuring endless fun on your skates. Each bearing undergoes a rigorous process, including polishing, lubrication, and quality control testing, to guarantee you the utmost speed and performance.

But hurry, we have only a limited stock of these exceptional bearings available, so seize the opportunity while you can! To charge the shields, we recommend using natural sunlight or a flashlight for two to three minutes (please avoid using a cellphone flashlight). 

Keep in mind that due to the unique size of the shields, these bearings require a break-in period. Skating for approximately an hour each day will help them reach their full potential.

**Bearing Specifications:**

- Size: 8mm

- 8 bearings included

- Dazzling visible glow that adds flair to your skates

- Dual shields for extended durability and reduced maintenance

- Built to last and withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for high-speed skating

- Beagle Bearings Approved!

- For every purchase, $2 is donated to animal shelters

- High-impact bearings, perfect for mastering high jumps and stairs

- Hand-polished raceways and rigorously quality-tested bearings

- Not ABEC Rated

Elevate your skating experience with our glow-in-the-dark bearings. Shine bright on the rink while supporting a noble cause with every purchase. Beagle Bearings - where performance meets purpose.