7mm Rainbow/Black High Performance Bearings W/ White Swappable Shields

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* These bearings will not fit most axles please measure your bearings to ensure a perfect fit* To know if you need a 7mm bearing, all you have to do is insert a #2 pencil through your old set of bearings. If it goes through you have a 8mm bearing. Each bearing is polished and lubed for maximum speed and performance. The rings are polished on the inside as well for maintaining constant speed at the skatepark or on the street. These are 7mm roller skate bearings which are hard to come by. If you ever needed to add some extra style to your skateboard set up with superior reliability, these bearings are for you. Rubber shields are removable for maintenance. Not only are you getting reliable bearings, but you are getting bearings that come with style…. Works with Roll lines, STD’s, Synders

Bearing Specs: 

  • Size: 7*22*7mm stainless steel performance bearings
  • Dual shields
  • Low noise bearings 
  • 627RS bearings
  • High temperature resistant, great for high speeds.
  • $4 Donated to animal Shelters*